Since 2015 DB Media LTD has been at the front of IT development for the online marketing world, we started by offering a breakthrough email marketing system to allow publishers to better connect with their opted in clients, continued to a full CRM product that elevated our turn key solution for small and large online marketeers and publishers, seeking for additional services we can offer Git management was offered for developers that need some help getting started.

Further more we advanced in the mobile App world and are able to offer our own Aps both for iOS and Android either if its our products or creating your vision for you.

During 2020 with more time on our hands then we wanted a decision was made and a Gaming studio was born.

our team members

creative minds behind our games

Anton T.

Owner, CEO

Valentine B.


Yury Demikhov

Sound & music

Valik D.

3D art

Robert D.

Enreal game dev

David S.

Unity game dev

Andrew G.

Unity game dev